Mês: maio 2013

service blog start

Well, it’s about time to kick this blog alive.

So this is a blog about automation in the context of system administration. Automation is such a broad term. For example, monitoring is for me a little bit automation. It automates away the need to regularly check things by hand, which is paramount, by the way.

Shell scripting, ssh multiplexers, libraries and tools for automating non-interactive deployments or both text and visual interactive applications are all great tools to have under any sysadmin’s belt, and I’ve been using then for many years. They are still very useful, but recently I added the ultimate automation tool to my belt: a configuration management software. And that’s a role new game, called Infrastructure as Code.

Infrastructure as code is not just about making you type less, tough. It’s about consistency, repeatability, executable documentation, versioning, peer reviewing, testing. Automation is cool, but realizing the benefits from all these things together is what really excites me.

There are quite a few config management tools out there, and I decided to go with Puppet. So far I’m very happy with it, and it will certainly be a frequent topic here.

Update: my friend foscarini pointed out another quite interesting config management alternative.