They are too many. They want your brain. And they just .. keep .. coming.

They may be tickets in a request system, mails in your inbox, phone calls coming from the helpdesk, users, your manager. Or all that. You know you need to build better tools, improve your skills. But you can’t stop putting them down with whatever you have, or they get to you. You may feel in despair, hopeless. There is no rescue team. There is no cure.

I’m a sysadmin that has felt like that too many times. Since there is no cure for the horde of tasks, you need to keep killing them faster and faster, or even better avoid their birth.  And automation is key to do both.

My name is Diego Morales, I’m a unix guy (ok, mostly linux), working with IT  infrastructure since 2000. I have been in the government and private sectors, both on the selling and the buying side of services, doing networking, storage, windows, programming and huge-ribs-barbecue-making. More at my LinkedIn profile.

I work at Stone Payments, a company that set out to change the payments market in Brazil, and become a reference in inovation and technology on the way there. Currently in a project to empower the business with new IT solutions based on self-service and DevOps practices.

You can find me at:


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